About Us


Philogrids was founded in November 2016 with one goal in mind: high throughput, high quality production of holey carbon TEM grids. Seeing the cryo-EM world's frustration of dealing with the sub-standard holey carbon grids currently being sold, Philogrids was born. Contamination, production inconsistency, poor quality grids, and outrageous back-orders are unacceptable when your research is on the line. Philogrids manufactures reproducible high quality grids, giving you one fewer variable to worry about during cryo-EM sample preparation. Our holey carbon TEM grids are proudly made in the USA.

Our Team

The Philogrids team of materials scientists, biologists, and quality control engineers bring an extensive knowledge in materials characterization, cryo-EM, and quality control to the table. Together they ensure a reproducible holey carbon film to provide an outstanding cryo-EM grid.

Our Promise

Quality is our goal. You can be sure that when a grid leaves our facility, it has been thoroughly scrutinized and inspected. We use a wide array of characterization techniques to ensure that you get the right grid, every time.

Focused Production

Philogrids wants to give you the best tools to succeed in your research. For this reason, we've focused our efforts on mass producing an immaculate holey carbon grid that the market demands: our 1.2 micron holey carbon grid. Want something you don't see available? A holey carbon grid with different mesh size or hole diameter for example? Not a problem. Create a custom grid and we will respond back with pricing and lead times.